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Bible in a Year
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  Here is a schedule for helping you to read through the Bible
(and supporting Spirit of Prophecy) in a year.

Have you ever wanted to read the entire bible and get a real in depth study?
Now is the perfect time to be alive! For the very first time on this website,
we have a bible reading plan that can be completed in just one year.
Not only that, you will have a guide to help you every step of the way. 
Ellen G. White wrote a series of books that better help explain bibles passages. Day by day you will have bible verses along with the inspired writings of Ellen G. White which really help get a deep understanding of bible stories and events. 

This is a new year’s resolution that is very practical and is very possible to do no matter how busy you think your schedule is.  2012 will be the year you read the entire bible and get a real true understanding of what Gods love really is.  Don’t delay, Start Now!!!... 

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These are PDF files:

Viewing the Reading Plans
a free download:
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