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Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

Mission Statement of Sebastopol

Seventh-day Adventist Church

                             In serving the people of Sebastopol  and neighboring

                             communities the Sebastopol Seventh-day Adventist Church

                             is committed to:

                                    *  Creating  an effective environment for outreach to the

                                       whole person-physically, emotionally and spiritually.

                                    *  Promoting the spreading of the gospel with love and

                                       compassion, being examples and representatives of
in our community.

                                   *   Providing an atmosphere of loving acceptance and

                                       concern for all we come in contact with. 

                                   *   Managing our resources efficiently and prudently to

                                       glorify God and sustain our capacity for enduring service

                                       to our community.

                                  *    Empowering our membership to achieve the best

                                       expression of their individual spiritual gifts.

                                   *   To support the world-wide church and its mission

                                       outreach, recognizing that we are all brothers and sisters

                                       in Christ Jesus. 

                                    *   Being an aware, responsive and visible member of the

                                       community we serve.
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